Saturday, January 06, 2007

So the first thing I did when we got to our hotel was go across the street to a barbershop barbershop. I spoke no Portuguese, and neither did Francesa the barber. But I sat in the chair, and like second nature he went to work. I squirmed a little when he grabbed the straight blade and made for my eyebrows, but it turned out for the best..."when in Brasil"

Anyway, the cut was great. He was the most meticulous barber I've ever been to, but when he finished he combed my hair like I was five years old. I looked like Jerry Seinfeld after an Enzo cut. I went into the hotel to get Sara, recombed my locks, and we went back out for some food. However, we past the barber shop and the way and Enzo noticed that I had ruined his masterpiece. He gave me a serious crook eye.

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Anonymous said...

You should've taken a picture of your do! :)