Saturday, January 13, 2007


Hey everybody. So these are some pictures from our trip to Brasil. They are posted in reverse chronological scroll down and start with the pictures of New York city. Okay? Good. Oh, and I apologize for any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Adios............

Maracana. Did I mention we went to a soccer game in Rio? We did. And those are fireworks inside the stadium.

some extras i had to squeeze in

A few more shots of the the park across from the hotel in Belo Horizonte.
This is known as a "Chicken Dollar."
Watching futbol (CAM) play on TV the day after the wedding. After they won, the city went nuts for about 6 hours.

The End

So that is that. After the wedding Sara and I spend the next day with Taci's family. They didn't speak much English and we spoke almost no Portuguese, but we had a great time with them.
The Bride and Groom
Dave and Mother
Reminds me of the Godfather for some reason.

Dave and Taci

The church where Dave and Taci were married.

Wher are our Tommy guns?
Ryan writing in the log. He better be writing a masterpiece, seeing as he is a PhD in Literature...or something.
Thats just weird. But there's that award winning smile. Thanks P.


We finally get to the wedding, the reason we all came. Great wedding between two great people...It started at 9:00PM and ended sometime early the next morning....

Water!!!!!! Water is good for life.

Walking around in the mines.
Not sure if a warning is really necessary at this point.

Alright. Here we are at Mina da Passagem, the largest open-to-visit gold mine in the world. It goes 120 meters. And its been around since the eighteenth century. Down we went.....

Trip to the mines in Ouro Preto. Notice the restaurant sign, "self service." a.k.a. buffett

Inside Senhora Nossa do Pilar

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pilar, 1731.........we walked around the inside of this church. They forgot to check my camera, so I snapped a few photos....discretely