Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sunset at Salk

This group of photos was taken at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies on Torrey Pines Road along the coast. I'm under the impression that it is some kind of architectural attraction as it gets waves of photo snapping tourists. On this day I was one of them.


dorothy rios said...

Hey guys,
Great pictures! Have you thought of going into photography as a side job?!!! Think you'd be great at it!

momma rios

Lenin said...

hey my dear friends and comrades...really enjoyed the pics...showed them to fellow foreigners here in Scandy-navia.

i am thinking of offering the Union Tribune my services as a writer in exchange for $150,000/year and help with a visa to keep me in northern europe. you should offer photographic services and join me out here.

if that fails i am applying for refugee status in denmark and sweden. as a last resort i will file a suit with the european court of human rights arguing that sending me to the united states is a violation of my human rights...my goodness, we have to pay for our own insurance and education in that backwater! that would certainly offend the sensibilities of the scandinavians...

as a last resort, and god forbid it comes to this, i will marry a beautiful swede!