Sunday, March 20, 2005

From the West

Alrighty. It took me forever, but here they are. We went to Borrego Desert this past weekend and it was beautiful. The wildflowers only bloom about once or twice a century, so we got pretty lucky. The rest of these photos (above) are from our place and a trip we took to a winery in Temecula. You can click on the individual pics to see a larger image. Oh yea, all these were snapped with our new camera...thanks Mom and thanks Dad!
Adios amigos-


Galocura1 said...

Cal i must say that these are some remarkable pics, if i didn't know any better i would think you are some kind of mad genius. Some of these pics look awful familair like the ole "ho chi minh" trek i once took with a passing stranger.

Lenin said...

Hark! And thou shalt...thou begat thus...nej! Jeg elsker det pix. Vil du med pa svommehallen i dag? Mais, je suis americain, non. Oui! Je suis american, mas j'habite en Copenhaguen. Que hora es? Tiene un taco?...numero 9 por de Ramiro's!

bob, just bob said...

good stuff! good eye. very good. i enjoyed it.